Maria Isabel Senis Garcia

María Isabel Senís García (Valencia, December 8, 1928) demonstrated from a very young age her intellectual and creative restlessness, and a firm determination that led her to constantly overcome the conventions and limitations of the time in which she lived.

Mª Isabel Senis i Garcia

Moved by this desire, in October 1962 she became the first woman to join the Foto Club Valencia, which allowed her to learn the secrets of what was still an innovative technique in those years. The learning of photography (including development in the Photo Club workshop) soon gave its first fruits and, already in 1963, María Isabel began to obtain the first recognitions, as one of the prizes of the I Artistic Photography Contest of Crosses and Hermitages of the Kingdom of Valencia convened by the Valencian Culture Center.

Her other great passion, traveling, was also considered extravagant for a single woman in the Valencian society of the mid-20th century, but it combined perfectly with that of photography and took her to visit all of Europe (by bus!), even crossing the Iron Curtain, in another of his challenges to the prevailing conventions. On one of these trips, for example, she linked Barcelona, ​​Milan, Padua, Venice, Zagreb, Belgrade, Sofia, Bucharest, Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Zurich and Geneva by coach.

The result of the combination of these two passions was the series of projections that animated the cultural life of the city throughout more than a decade, among which we can highlight "Journey through the Nordic countries" (May 1967 in the salons of the Valencian Culture Center, in the Lonja), “Portugal” (July 1970, at the premises of the Foto Club Valencia, Embajador Vich street), “Screening and conference on the Canary Islands” (February 1973, at the saidus lliterari de los Cronistas del Reino de Valencia), "Projection on Italy, Switzerland, Austria and various Eastern countries" (December 1972, in the Savings Bank).

On March 10, 1976, she was appointed President of the Foto Club Valencia, becoming the first woman to hold that position.
His cultural zeal and family tradition have always been maintained in collaboration with both the Foto Club and the Cronistas del Reino de Valencia and the Institut d'Estudis Valencians, the latter entity of which he is a member and which had its headquarters and meeting place. for many years in María Isabel's own home.


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