Although the foundation of the Institute was not realised by the University of Valencia, its first president was the director of this institution, Jose Puche Alvarez, who surrounded himself with other professors like Felipe Mateu Llopis, Emilio Gomez Nadal or Manuel Sanchis Guarner. Four sections were formed:

  • Historical-Archaeological section, president: Isidro Ballester Tormo
  • Philological section, president: Luis Gonzalvo
  • Sciences section , president: Jose Puche Alvarez
  • Economic Studies section, president: Rafael Font de Mora


In 1939 the project of the Institute disappeared, due to too ambitious objectives, according to words of Emilio Gomez, vocal member of the Historical-Archaeological Section.

In 1980 it was refunded as a private institution by a group of valencian promen amongst who stand out Paschal Barrachina, Emilio Beüt, Jesus Lopez Sancho, Jose Senís, J. Mari Montañana, Bond Barber, Agustín Alaman, etc. They initiated one fecund activity of courses, excursions and studies of valencian geography.


Image with the historical composition of the IEV