The objectives of the different Sections of the Institute of Valencian Studies (IEV) are noticeable and defined by the purpose in which the Institute was created to. These are reflected on the following article of the statutes that govern the organization:

Article 4. Aims

The Institute of Valencian Studies has as an aim to stimulate and to propagate the knowledge of the Kingdom of Valencia in all the aspects, through the study and the investigation of its peculiarities, and also the defence of the valencian culture in all its manifestations.

Totally excluded are any types of activities that persecute political and religious aims.
This aim and the objective to boost the use of the valencian language, maximum exponent of the valencian culture, as a language of natural expression in any daily scope of the society and, mainly, as a transmitting language of culture, are the engine of the Institute; which articulated by their sections, a series of specific objectives are developed so that the aims and general mission are taken care of.