The AELR is presented in Valencia on the occasion of the European Day of Languages

Last Friday, September 22, the presentation of the European Alliance of Regional Languages took place in Valencia, an entity created with the aim of promoting the different regional languages represented in it. The event, organized by the Institut d'Estudis Valencians, was held at the central headquarters of the Aragonese Center of Valencia.


The Collectif Provençau, the Beárn Toustém association, the Institut Bearnais et Gascon, the Federació d’Asociaciones Culturals de l’Aragó Oriental, and the Institut d’Estudis Valencians itself participated in the presentation. During the meeting, the different associations explained the situation of the Provençal, Béarnaise, Aragonese and Valencian languages, in the current moment of social and political change. Entities that work for the defense and dissemination of the Neapolitan language and the Balearic language are also part of the AELR, but were not able to attend the meeting held in Valencia. .

Jean Pierre Richard, president of the Collectif Provençau, stated that his objective is the recognition of the intangible heritage represented by regional languages. Manuel Gimeno, who spoke on behalf of the Valencian language, highlighted the substantivity and independence of the Valencian language. The event was followed with interest by the large audience convened by the Institut d'Estudis Valencians.

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Friday, September 22, 2023 - 19:00
C. de Don Juan de Austria, 20
46002 Valencia Valencia
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