Institutional statement on the AVL-IEC-UIB agreement



The Governing Board of the Institute of Valencian Studies wants to make public the following statement before the news that appeared on the protocol signed to elaborate a common regulation for the Valencian, Balearic and Catalan languages:

  1. We reject the agreement signed by the president of the Valencian Academy of Language, the rector of the University of the Balearic Islands and the president of the Institute of Catalan Studies to establish a common language model that is unitary. The Valencian language requires a regulation that responds to the needs of Valencian-speaking people, from our point of view that regulation is known as the El Puig Norms, which, continuing the work of the philologist Lluis Fullana, combines the current speaking of Valencian-speaking and the rich tradition of Valencian literature.
  2. We defend the independence of the Valencian language, differentiated from any other Romance language, independence maintained throughout the centuries by an important literature, dictionaries and grammars published throughout the centuries and its cultivation maintained by the Valencian People.
  3. We reject any imperialist interference of the Catalan powers in the Valencian politics, culture, economy or society.
  4. We urge the Valencian People and their elites to defend the Valencian identity, the fundamental basis for building a project of people who fight and work for the future and well-being of Valencians. The political, cultural, social and economic costs of the lack of union in a common project are a great burden for Valencians. And they are verifiable day by day.


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Monday, July 27, 2020 - 12:30
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