The Institute in Provence. Le Forum des Aulnes

This weekend, Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 April, will be held in the Provencal town of Saint Martin de Crau, Provence, the Forum des Aulnes. It is a meeting of Provencal associations that defend the identity of the Provencal language and culture. Recall that numerous institutions, associations and cultural groups of Provence have developed for a long time an important seed of recovery and dissemination of their autochthonous culture. In this sense, the work carried out by the Collectif Prouvènço is noteworthy and through conferences, publications and meetings it tries to preserve its authentic Provencal traditions. This last year a considerable effort has been made in the creation of the Observatory of the Langue et de la Culture Provencales, a tool that aims to boost the objectives of protection, perpetuation and dissemination of Provencalism.

We could say that the Institute of Valencian Studies shares one hundred percent the approaches and methods carried out by the Provencalist associations since the situation of supplanting that the Valencian language and culture suffer is identical to the case of the Provencal language and culture. For this reason, our institution has been carrying out an interesting cultural collaboration for four years, both in the Collectif Prouvènço and with other institutions that defend the recognition of their respective native cultures. We could highlight the presentation of conferences by prominent Valencian intellectuals or the publication of books dedicated to the promotion of Valencian culture in Europe. This year, an INEV delegation will once again compete in this meeting, which will also include contacts with other European organizations working on the same issue, all members such as the Institute of the Alliance Européenne des Langues regional. We will present the work of Manuel Gimeno Juan entitled Une approche de l'histoire de la langue valencienne - An approach to the history of the Valencian language. A book in French and Valencian version in which the origin of the Valencian language, its evolution and the situations it has traversed are shown in a didactic way.

Data de l'acontenyiment: 
Saturday, April 7, 2018 - 14:00