Claim for the reopening of the Canfranc-Oloron line

This Sunday, July 14, the protest actions of the reopening of the Canfranc-Oloron railway line are celebrated. From the Institute of Valencian Studies we support this claim because the Valencians would give us a quick connection with Europe. We join the denunciation for the disinterest that every government of the Central State Administration has had in this infrastructure and its lack of investment.

The Zaragoza-Teruel-Valencia line suffers a total abandonment and a lack of shameful and incomprehensible investment in the 21st century, even more when the Spanish state leads the construction of high speed at international level. We consider this situation unsustainable due to the economic, social and environmental return that this line would produce between Valencia and Zaragoza.

We wish that the demands for opening have the desired effect and the station of Canfranc will soon return to communicate with Europe.

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Sunday, July 14, 2019 - 06:45
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