Announcement of the Lluïs Alcanyis and Manuela Solis Claràs awards

The Institute of Valencian Studies announces the announcement of two new prizes within the Valencian cultural world: the Lluïs Alcanyis Research Prize and the Manuela Soiís Claras Creation Prize.

These awards want to be a tribute to those leading figures of Valencian history, promote research and creation in the Valencian language.

Lluïs Alcanyis (Xativa 1440 - Valencia 1510) was a Valencian doctor and poet, his family was a Jewish convert, he occupied the first chair of medicine at the University of Valencia and published the book "Condom and Pestilence Regiment of the Pestilence" with indications to prevent and cure the plague.

Manuela Solis (Valencia 1962/10) was a Valencian gynecologist, the first Valencian university student and the first woman to obtain a degree in medicine from the University of Valencia.

Soon the bases of both prizes will be published that will have an ample period of presentation. Both awards will be awarded in June 2020.

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