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INEV - Institut of Valencian Studies
Every Day 9 - Josep Martinez i Aloy PDF Print E-mail
Written by Prensa   
Thursday, 06 November 2014 09:53

The Institute for Valencian Studies collaborates with associations: Rogle Constanti Llombart, Convencio Valencianista, Colectiu Fullana and PJV in a tribute to Josep Martínez i Aloy for this Saturday, the 8th, at 11: 00h AM at The Place of Manises in Valencia city.


Josep Martinez i Aloy was a personality from the world of culture and politics that was active between last two centuries. We'll remember him, by reading the biography of our honoree, the different facets that focused their political and intellectual activity.

The main objective / purpose of the activity "Everyday 9" is to recover the memory of so many valencian people who have contributed to the progress of society, especially ours, outperforming for his actions and / or actions in the various fields: cultural, social, scientific, sporting, economic ...

II Valencianism Fair PDF Print E-mail
Written by Prensa   
Monday, 13 October 2014 10:08

The Institute of Valencian Studies will participate this Saturday 18 October at the II Valencianism Fair to be held around the bullring in Valencia (Xativa Street), which will have a booth in which we'll disseminate information from the Institute of our activities.

The Fair will open the doors at 11 am and end at 8 pm on Saturday.

Here's the poster for the show with all entities involved.

Every Day 9 - Francesc de Vinatea PDF Print E-mail
Written by Frederic Garcia   
Wednesday, 08 October 2014 09:57

The Valencian Institute of Studies will participate in the tribute that will render today (October 8) to Francesc de Vinatea at 19:30 pm at the monument in the square of the City of Valencia.

This tribute comes in the campaign Tots els dies 9 (Every Day 9) to pay tribute every 9th of each month at a Valencian illustrious personage. In this tribute also participates other associations as
Rogle Constanti Llombart, Colectiu Lluis Fullana, Plataforma Jovenil Valencianista, Convencio Valencianista i E.C.V. El Pilo.

Francesc de Vinatea

Written by Frederic Garcia   
Wednesday, 08 October 2014 11:24

The Valencian Institute of Studies, jointly associations: Rogle Constanti Llombart , Colectiu Lluis Fullana, Plataforma Jovenil Valencianista i ECV El Pilo; we sign this protest manifesto "senyeres the balco" this October 9:

Senyeres al balco

October 9 festivity, for years now, has been losing its historical symbolism and, moreover, the vindicative character encountered in other critical moments in our history. Political power has turned this event into a playful day, one day to go for a walk with family and participate as much in a folkloric and inconsequential ritual.

Only the recovery of that implicit sense of vindication, carrying with it the celebration of our national day, should allow to recover its importance and give this journey the meaning that not only is given by historical date which is remembered, but, moreover , it is given because it has to be the day on which the Valencian externalize and make clear our will of continue being peculiar people, a group that decides to be Valencian above all, and wants to be present among the peoples of the world; a number of wills that must be revealed also in your everyday life.


European Day of Languages PDF Print E-mail
Written by Seccio Llengua i Lliteratura   
Friday, 26 September 2014 11:55

Since 2001 the European Union dedicates the 26th of September to claim multilingualism and language learning. On this day the Institut d'Estudis Valencians wants to claim the social use of the Valencian language, as the language of self-expression of the Valencian people.

Clearly the Valencian language can be used in all registers, situations and circumstances serving as a vehicle for communication, so the best attitude for survival is to speak and write in Valencian in all situations of our lives if it is possible.

Also claim the use by public administrations and the Valencian educational system of a language model that respects the reality of Valencian speakers and therefore that the current linguistic model (that is alienating for valencian culture) be replaced for a fully autochthonous model for the Valencian language. Continue with a model that seeks nothing but the absorption of the Valencian language by the Catalan language, justifying a supposed unity of these two languages, is totally contrary to current criteria of sociolinguistics. The use of rules that does not respond to the needs of the speakers, only favors the failure of the Valencian school students and hinders the recovery of the social use of the Valencian language. We therefore request to the Generalitat Valenciana that adopt as official regulations the Normes del Puig (Norms of Puig). Signed in 1981 by a myriad of associations and valencian personalities, these norms does respond to the needs of Valencian speakers and is crafted in perfectly correct and comparable to any other language Romanesque Philological and linguistic criteria.

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