European Alliance of Minority Languages

The European Alliance of Minority Languages ​​has been established at European level, headed by the Provençal language, and more specifically, by the Collectif Prouvènço. Within this framework, the Institute of Valencian Studies has been constituted as representative of the Valencian Language at European level.

The constitution of the Alliance came from the debates that dealt with the problem of the recognition of minority languages ​​within the national framework of each country.

Statement on the Valencian language and its codification

The Institute of Valencian Studies states that in the face of the recent declarations of some institutions, it will continue working to create and disseminate the Valencian language, and that it will continue using the "Normes d'El Puig" because it considers them to be the most appropriate for our language.

This codification is the fruit of a rigorous work on the part of Valencian philologists and scholars and is based on living talk and the Valencian, classical and modern scriptural tradition.